Our Story

I was on deputation to be a missionary to Ireland and slogging through the wearisome task of putting together a church contact list. After spending many tens of hours on Google searching for information, I became painfully aware of the need for a comprehensive, up-to-date, publicly accessible database of Independent Baptist Churches. Thus, I began working on a new website called baptistdirectory.org.

As the work progressed and the directory website started to become functional, I began to realize the potential for the website beyond a simple directory. There are many ways Baptists can connect and many features which Baptists would find useful. The scope of the project quickly grew beyond a mere directory.

I have a friend named Dr. David Capetz. Dr. Capetz has been involved with Christian education his entire adult life. He served on staff at Maranatha Baptist University, on administrative staff and as adjunct professor at Central Seminary, and as Executive Vice President, Dean, and Professor at Canadian Baptist Bible College. He taught Bible institute classes at my home church over the course of two years, which the Lord used in my preparation for missions work. Over the last several years, the Capetz family has been a blessing to our family in many different ways. Dr. Capetz is a friend, a mentor, and a Godly example to follow in life and ministry.

In late December, 2015, we were home from our deputation travels when I told Dr. Capetz about this new website project that I was working on. He didn’t let on right away, but I came to find out that he too had a very similar website named Independent Baptist Network (ibnet.org). He started it back in 1995 in the “stone ages” of the internet, a time when few pastors and churches understood the need to have a website, or to be listed in an online database. Some of you reading this may remember the original ibnet.org. Due to health reasons, he was looking to hand it off and was praying about what to do with it. The Lord answered his prayer in bringing us together. Dr. Capetz graciously offered to let me take ownership of the ibnet.org domain, and use it to host our now merged websites. I praise God for this wonderful contribution from a dear friend and I am proud to continue the work that he began over twenty years ago. So, this website is the newly updated ibnet.org, online since 1995!

We firmly uphold the Baptist distinctive of the primacy and autonomy of the local church. We also understand the importance of being able to identify and communicate with others of like faith and practice for all of the reasons, small or great, that have brought Independent Baptists together in the past. Our desire is that you find this website a useful ministry tool for connecting with like-minded churches, organizations, and individuals.

In His service,
Steve McKinley