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Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionary Trails (ifbmt)
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Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionary Trails (ifbmt)

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Featuring an easy and centralized way to manage your deputat

ifbmt is a web-based company that specializes in providing web-based software to Baptist missionaries, church planters, and evengelist to aid them in deputation and support management. ifbmt is the best resource available today for missionaries just starting out on deputation. We provide more than just another church database or donor management system, we provide an all new system providing a collaborated public database that uniquely connects to your personal private database of notes, events, and contacts. We currently list over 10,400 churches publicly and are helping over a hundred Baptist Missionaries all over the world! We offer a unique tagging structure that enables users to refine, sort, and search the entire database quickly and effortlessly. We also provide a mapping function to plot churches and events on a digital map so a missionary can plan and organize their deputation and furlough trails. The great thing about ifbmt is the collaboration of all of the great people just like yourself to keep the list and information updated. No longer will you have to keep downloading fresh lists from your missions board or other sources only to find that some of the data may no longer be valid. Now, you will have up to the minute updated information.

Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionary Trails (ifbmt) is a ministry of Cornerstone Baptist Church


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